Monday, 23 April 2012


I'm back into this posting swing again.  This one may or may not upset people, but as usual I dont give a fuck.  So now that we've gotten past that bit what's up with people feeling they can push their agendas down my throat and then getting mad when I foil their plans by killing them with kindness.  Sarcasm is your best friend when you desperately need to put someone in their place without stepping over the boundaries of decency.  If you're going to be evil you might as well do it with class.

So who am I picking on to day.  Religion.  Yes I said it.  It's okay for you to try and have me join your cult, but let there be a bad word in a movie and oh no, we cant have that.  You can blast your gospel music, but let me have my R&B, or country, or anything not gospel playing just loud enough for you to hear, and I must turn my music down.  Everything from, anti abortion, to anti gay, to anti anything that isn't christian. How much intolerance can one sect of people have.  And more importantly why do they feel that they, out of the multitude of religions out there, have the right to force all humans to be exactly like them.  Who could be that supreme and dictatorial that they think only they are right and the whole world must bend to their will.  This is why religion gets removed from so many places where it could be useful.  Because of this annoying superiority complex that it has.

It drives me nuts.  I happen to be in therapy.  Yup I admitted it.  I'm chemically imbalanced.  To what degree is my business but in Bermuda this is what I come up against.  Why dont you come to church and give it to god.  You dont really need that if you just come to church.  My friend got put in therapy and it done nothing for her but Jesus rearranged her life.  Christ can heal you.  OMFG.  I'd spell it out but if I use the word fuck and god in the same sentence people might try to exorcise the demons out of me.  Oops I think I just did it... oh well.  And on that not if I have to see someone type OM(little g)G one more time I'm going to blast their little g with my that's lame-o laser gun.  But back to the point, I have a problem.  And I have decided how I'm going to fix it.  Who are you to think that you can tell me that your way is the only way.  Not another option, but the end all to be all and is one hundred percent foolproof.  Sometimes I wonder if the word support means anything to people who's sole mission is to convert people, and bring them over to the light.

Here is a prime example of what you're up against on this island.  It's christmas dinner.  The designated church person gets asked to say grace.  Now bare in mind that all of the family was raised in the church so wether we still go or not doesn't diminish our base christian values.  So they begin to say grace. and I quote:
Dear father thank you for bringing us here today.  Let us remember why we are here.  To celebrate the birth of your son and how he came to set us free.  How it is his love that has kept us and provided for us to this day.  Let us remember that by you through him we are able to be here today to celebrate his love and your love for sacrificing him for us.  And if there are any here that do not believe let them know that it is never too late to come to you.  Let this day remind them of your love and let them not forget the true meaning of christmas.  May the see that through you all things are posible and that they too can receive the many blessing you have to give to those who follow you.  Thank you for this food we are about to eat and the hands that prepared it.  Amen"

Hmmm (rolling eyes).   See a problem? I do.  Why the hell did the grace only get one sentence.  And at the end no less.  Why did the simple blessing of the food turn into a lecture on the true meaning of christmas and again a call to christ.  Apparently their christian agenda was way more important than the fact that the family which to no fault of our own, has their own separate adult lives so we only get together on holidays and special occasions as a whole unit.  That is what this is about, it's about us as a family coming together and having fun both christian and non christian and getting along harmoniously.  Why does everything have to be infused with christ and why do they have to alienate people who dont fall in line with their beliefs.  Just thank god for the food, mention how it's nice that the holiday has brought us all together again, and don't try to call me to christ when i'm really here to mingle with family that I hardly ever see.  This is what I look forward to these gatherings for and to have someone try to overshadow the happiness and joy of the occasion with their 'religical' religious and political agenda is just a fucking kill joy.

So you dont like gays.  Well I dont' like pretentious assholes.  But you dont see me trying to ostracize all idiots into a box and force them to be like me, or destroy them.  You don't like people who don't marry before sex, um well whatever.  That's your damn opinion.  Some people actually like to know what they're getting into before they get married.  That is their choice.  Some people like to move in with each other before they get married.  Why... they want to know if they actually can live together before taking the leap of living together forever.  Who are you to judge that type of decision.  It's so frustrating that all they ever seem to do is hate on anyone who doesn't live by their annoyingly self imposed strict guidelines of how a human should be.  And yes there are those new age christians who aren't all self-righteous assholes.  So before the whiners who always say they aren't all like that get all moody and mad.  Obviously I'm not fucking talking about you if you aren't like that.  So just roll your eyes, shrug your shoulder and move on.  Just call me another bitter non-christian and stop trying to school me on things I already know.

And if I'm bitching about my job and how life sucks, please keep your you should be blessed that god gave you a job.  God woke you up this morning and that's something to be thankful for type of comments to yourself.  Anyone who read my 'waking up is not enough' blog knows my sentiments on this.  I'm so sick and tired of them telling me what I should and shouldn't be happy about.  If you want to be happy that your life sucks but god woke you up this morning so it's okay, fine.  You do you and I'll do me.  And that is another issue right there.  The complete inability to let bygones be bygones.  If I'm an atheist, jew, muslim, whatever that isn't christian, thats my god damn right.  Yup I used god's name in vain and I'm still alive.  We should be all allowed to believe and think what we want.  And somehow do this and peacefully coexist.  And if I have to watch another christian video about all the satan signs in music videos I'm going to just scream.

Here's what bothers me about that.  They say this that and the other about all the hidden symbols and so on videos and clothing lines blah blah blah.  But someone has to buy these christian dvd's dont they.  Someone has to by tickets to the arena where these dvd's are being made.  All the shirts and other paraphernalia associated with this 'our hip hop stars are evil and sending subliminal messages' stuff are being sold aren't they?  At the end of the day, if there is no evil to sell, then there is nothing to scare christians into following christ and furthermore, there is nothing for them to invest their money into to keep this fear machine alive.  If all of the superstars aren't evil undercover satan worshipers than all this coverage and stuff you're feeding into their heads just disappears.  In essence they are doing the exact same thing they are claiming the stars are doing.  Using subtle tactics to get their audience to be further submerged in what they say is the truth.  Using the exact same methods to different ends.  Evil is as evil does.  Why spend so much time trying to destroy other people who have chosen their path and are doing well at it, when what you could be doing is instilling hope, love and equality into your own sect of the world.  Why is everything built on fear and the pulling down of other people so that we the christians can rise as the chosen into heaven.  Again it's more pushing of the 'Religical' agenda.

It just doesn't make sense.  The entire basis of the religion stands on things we must do for after death.  What we should do to be better over there.  To get to heaven you must, if you do this you will get in, we must try to live according to god so that, and so on and so forth.  What about now.  Why is everything I do based around where I will be after death.  Why is that always the ulterior goal.  What about life now.  What about a better tomorrow.  What do I as a human in todays world care about the afterlife.  I wont be alive there.  I am living now though.  Why aren't there rules that aren't revolving solely around death.  Why do I have to constantly be reminded of the threat to hell if i dont live by your rules.  And what god would condem his followers to hell purely because they decided that church just isn't for them.  Nobody could be that cruel.  But he has to be in order for religion to work.  Besides when has fear tactics ever really worked anyway.

Again this hate thing.  If it's supposed to be about love show me.  Show me that you are willing to help love, care and support anyone no matter what their beliefs are.  Teach my how to be a just, moral and fair person regardless of if I do or dont think god exists.  Let me see you be nonjudgmental to your fellow man no matter if they fall into categories you claim diserve condemnation.  I'm not interested in what you say, but what you do.  Show me the love.  Live in the way you think a good upstanding citizen of society should live.  If you are that full of christ-love you should never have to tell me.  You should never have to shove your belief system down my throat like it's your penis.  There should be something in the way you walk, talk and cary yourself that just gives of an aura of 'hmmmm I want to know how this person does it.  I want to be like this person.  I wonder how I can better myself in such away.'  Live your life in a way that makes me want to come to you, aspire to be you and you wont ever have to tell me what you believe because I will come and ask you.  Just stop pushing your 'Religical' agenda.  Christ himself did an equal amount of doing as he did teaching, and was by far way less judgmental than most people, christian or not, are today.

Furthermore, back to the grace incident, the word christian cannot exist without christ.  Hence before there was a christ there were no christians.  That even a five year old could point out.  So although it is one of the oldest religions.  It is pretty far away from being the first.  So that's food for thought for people who think it is most definitely the end all to be all.  Also i'm not sure what religion it was but christmas was originally the celebration of a pegan son god, I'm leaning towards egyptian but I honestly have no clue.  So this whole jesus is the reason for the season stuff, just admit that's what you believe and let it go and again stop with the forcing it down the entire worlds throat.  Every christmas gets flooded with all the taking christ out of christmas christian backlash which quite frankly makes me roll my eyes.  Just let go and let live already.

I just, to be quite honest, wish it was more show and less tell.  There's too much hate verbally and when that doesn't work they take action.  Because their way is the only way and if all humans cant see this then we are just idiots.  With all the different languages and cultures it's kind of disheartening to know that if it were up to them none of this stuff would still exist.  We would all be the same.  All humans would be zombies for christ.  What kind of human race would we be if nobody was different.  I just dont get this obsession with everything having to be the same.

So now that i'm running out of things to hate on I will say this.  Yes I do believe in god.  Yes I would consider myself a christian, and yes I'm well aware of what this entails.  But no I will not force others to believe like me.  I will not look down or judge people because of their sexuality or different cultural beliefs.  If anything I want to know more about different cultures.  Knowing why people do what they do may only enhance my own beliefs.  It's a much better route than immediately thinking they are wrong and I should bring them to my side.  It is faith based after all, and isn't that the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.... or something or other.  Faith is just that. Faith.  Which means I can have faith I will be a famous author someday but that by no means makes it a reality.  Still I can believe in it until I die even if it never comes to fruition.  So me being a christian I'm perfectly capable of accepting the fact I have no real proof what I believe is right and therefore cannot expect or think myself supreme enough to force the world to agree with me.  And you know what... I'm okay with that.  I do my best to love everyone.  To be as fair as I can.  Am I perfect, far from it, but again I'm okay with that.  But I have friends that believe in god to serious extents, I have atheist friends, and so on and so forth.  And you know what we get along sublimely because we agree to disagree and just once I'd like to see a christian fully embrace the only god can judge bullshit the spout and actually act upon it and stop hating

And now that I'm rally at the end, those chain mails that have stupid qualifiers at the end like '99 percent of people wont forward this but if you are not ashamed to admit you love god..." are you serious.  Delete. I love, love LOVE god and I never forward these.  Don't try to guilt trip me into doing the right thing.  If you don't trust in my good human nature enough to forward on an inspirational message then why are you even sending it.  I hate how they try to impose some sort of guilt for people like me who actually would send it.  I may have a friend who really needs to hear whatever these messages may say, and although I will admit it may not be the best approach, I never forward these as I already said.  Don't try to force me into your world, especially considering i'm already in it.  Back again to fear tactics and pushing their 'Religical' agenda.  Guilting me into doing what you think is the right thing, to me, is just wrong.  There are loads of people out there who's hearts are in the right places.  Most of the most decent and caring people I know dont have much to do with god, so if they get one of these why should they have to put up with your agenda.  Why cant they just forward it on to people in need without you trying to make them feel bad cause they don't love god.  Now they have to delete the last phrase to make it safe for all their friends.  Which no-one should ever have to do.  It's either a good message, or it's not.

But anyway, I guess I'm so fed up with being a christian and having to always fight for the underdog.  Fight for the equality of all mankind.  Having to argue with people who are supposed to be on my team.  I'm just tired of pointing out flaws in reasoning, and again wish we could all just live in life.  I am a christian, I do believe in god, and I don't need the entire world to agree with me in order to do so.  My heart is in the best place it's been in years and I hope that it will linger here for a while and I don't get lost in the muck of reality.  And I will do my best to become less judgmental with each day and redefine myself as a christian and not become a stale and mindless zombie.  I am trying to grow and not just follow.  So I guess my question is are you.  Or are you just another 'Religical" asshole.


  1. I don't know what to do with this....take in the deeper message or laugh at the delivery. Religion is not for me either...God is for me.

    1. LOL do both. It's supposed to make you roll your eyes and be deep all at the same time :)