Monday, 3 April 2017


I feel the warmth of the sand, moving between my feet
I turn and look behind me, see your footprints beside mine and smile
Bring my head back front, our eyes meet and everything melts away

In this moment there is just you and me,

Holding hands
Walking along the shore, feet in the sand
I feel your toes brush against mine, the sand meshing between our skin as you lean up just slightly to place other skin to skin... your lips,
on my lips, the sound of the waves as I close my eyes and envelope the beauty of the beach
The power in the ocean, as strong as the love in your heart that crashed against an unworthy soul like me
Swallowed me whole and sucked me into the wonder of you

As I gaze out at the sea with you beside me I feel at peace
Your love for the sea sparkles in your eyes like the first light on a lake at sunrise and I'm hypnotised by their beauty
They speak of a truth and purity that I didn't know I had in me until I was a lost soul stranded upon a shore and you washed over me

The water to my sand and as you flowed back in you took pieces of me with you.
Left me smooth and renewed and took pieces of me back in with you so that we joined but you
You are so magnificent
I gaze up from beneath you and see your many shapes and hues reflecting through the surface and am amazed
Calm, rough, rippling, sun and moon and rain, there isn't a time when upon you I gaze and I don't see incomprehensible beauty.

You weather the storms with an ease that keeps me calm
I look upon the vastness of your waves, witness your rage and you wash over the situation and calm me, save me,
Like you did that day on this beach when you found me
You are nature and nature is you and I sometimes wonder how someone like me ended up with someone like you, but you don't
To you... it was meant to be

As I breathe in the salty air your hand in mine
The sand moving through our feet, footprints left behind I look at the ocean trying to comprehend how my sand could ever match what you are
Try to see myself through your eyes and you see me struggling
Eyes out to see, and you laugh at me
The sounds that you make when you find me amusing is enough to melt any situation into a moment of pure joy
You remind me that without the sand there can be no beach, no shore, no place for us to meet
The beauty of the beach is in its connectivity and she can not be so amazing without me

She needs the sand

The sand in our feet is just as beautiful as the waves especially on the shore where they meat
A mixture of gritty and wet that feels oh so good as the waves pull the sand back into the ocean from under your feet.
She says all these things, not for the first time but in reality, I don't believe
She has a way of turning my doubt around on me and I nod and smile but she doesn't smile back

I find I'm alone

Walking along the shore
It's been a year since I've been here,
The ocean I can't avoid but the feel of the sand reminds me of her
It was this day that with a wave of it's hand fate decided her time had come with this land and I was left with nothing but beach
With memories
An empty space that she had found and filled with her presence was now devoid of water and dry The ocean had left me and I was now just dry sand, dirt,

But standing here today I feel her
In the salty air I can smell her
As I close my eyes and listen to the sound of shore life I remember all the things about her that made her magical to me
I look behind me and I can still see her footprints beside mine,
Being washed away like she was from life but forever imprinted on my soul

I try to see myself through her eyes and can hear, feel her telling me it will be alright
Her skin against mine, her presence guiding me closer to the shoreline and I almost want to curse life but as the water comes over my feet
Where water and sand meet
It flows back to the source and I feel it taking some sand back with it and I smile
I heard her laugh somewhere deep in the caverns of my mind and saw the twinkle of the ocean in her eyes in my mind and remember the day she washed into my life and saved me
She may have been the water to me but her faith in me is what lingers
She didn't save me to wallow away and hide from life
And although she will no longer walk across this land I will forever be the sand to her water
Her essence breathes on in the shore

©Samuel Alexander April 2017

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