Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I was just a song lost out at sea
Floating out on the waves, without a soothing melody
Was rippling on the waters without rhyme
Was drowning in the rain
On broken chords
Of shattered dreams
Was doing runs across the keys of strife
Strumming the chords of pain, acoustic rhythms danced and played
The arpeggio of this broken heart
That drums unsteadily
Of dying hope
Of destroyed faith
That slides across the hurt of betrayal
That strings in harmony, with revenge is oh so bittersweet
A solo that could not stand on its own
I’m what’s left at that place
When you find a house, is not a home

A poem that suddenly lost its rhyme
A tornado that could not spin, mother nature without father time
A pen filled up with ink that never writes
A fish that didn’t know how to swim
A storm without the raging winds

I’m how a broken heart would sound out loud
The voice of agony, a lone mans cry of misery
I am the sound of a falling star
The ripping noise you hear
Of when a worlds, been torn apart

This is what you get when hot is really cold
The distant lost remains, of a soul left all alone
A soul that has been ripped out in cold blood
I’m only a shadow
Of something lost, something long gone

These are the eyes of a poisoned man
Who gave his aura up for love, to have it spit back out again
Looking at me is seeing a blackened heart
That has been shot right through
And darkened with life’s poisoned darts

This is what hope looks like when it’s been drugged
What happiness would look like, if it had just lost its smile
The form of revenge when it’s without end
The picture of what peace looks like
When it has been twisted, into hate

How life would be if it had lost its breath
I am the moon that shines, when the sun just wouldn’t set
A rainbow that only shun in red
I’m what a man becomes
When love has just gone up and left

But it feels better when I say I was
Because then I can pretend, that I am not who I am
And if all that I am becomes I was
Then I can create a new I am
Better than the I am that I was

I was just a song lost out at sea

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