Thursday, 19 April 2012

Chocolate Brownies

I’m eating a brownie – but not just any brownie
That dark chocolate mmm, you look so good to touch, can’t wait to put you in my mouth
The perfect combination of chewy and cakelike, melt on my fingers but come of when I lick them, deliciously divine
A hybrid brownie
Make me want to take forever to make this feeling last, but I don’t stress
No matter how slow or fast you melt in my mouth, move on my tongue
I know what this buttery-sweet-chocolate-creation has in store
A feeling that could last a few hours or more, if I got my balance of chocolate just right
It’ll hit in a while, probably around an hour
Than I’ll be swimming in seas of chocolate

The taste of the brownie, the timing of the chew, the deliciousness of the moment at the time it was devoured
Was only a precursor to what is now coming on as I sit here typing, writing, slowly, I’m climbing
Higher into the sky on chocolate wings, through chocolate clouds, on a chocolate high and I know this feeling will last for hours -- much longer than a small chocolate hit
A few puffs and it’s done… the flavors had its run
And yes the chocolate was good, but I need something a little more Hardcore!
So um up on this ooey gooey brownie tip
This is so good it seems to last so much longer than the seconds and minutes and hours that we use to describe the human limitations of time
Cause time almost comes to a stop when this brownie hits my mouth

These brownies are special, they can do wondrous things
Like Jasmine and Aladdin you’ll be flying on magic carpet, Jeanie in the bottle, high in the sky give me three wishes if I rub you right dreams

One -- take over my mind, open it so that it can be free to swim across the rivers of new and creative ideas
Two -- take me higher and higher and higher, and make it last longer than a regular roll up and smoke it chocolate explosion
Three -- let others experience the joys of what special brownies can bring
More than red and white, falling down the chimney, you need to loose some weight, put the gifts under the tree, eat the cookies fairytale dreams, back up the chimney and leave

Mmmm I guess I blended just right
Cause damn I’m feeling real good, real nice, ready to take…
My mind on a spiritual ride… I bet you thought I’d say ready to take flight
But why take flight--Damn! I’m already soaring high
And there’s no signs of coming down soon…
Man at this rate I’ll hit the sun, the moon, have jager bombs with the stars at night
Take shots with rays on beams of sunlight
Right now I am invincible,
Or at least it sounds good to say it, out loud
But whatever, who cares, I’m done, it’s time to stop
Especially because I’m running out of halfway decent, good but not really,
Awkward sounding, okayish, kind of, sorta, maybe they're rhymes
Inspiration has come to the end
My pseudo-genius has up and died
Like a pie I’m so baked
I’m on a chocolate brownie high

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