Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Absence of I

Me myself and....
No we mustn't say it
That word must remain hidden
That letter stricken from our memory
Because we, together, can be an us so clever, and do it all with out ever having to mention him
For we are strong, funny, rude and unique
Sometimes a little depressed but when we are at our best we can bless the world with words of interest that can sooth the soul and make the most saddest of hears realise it's not alone and find hope
Hope in our words and inspiration in the verses that we create
The emotions that evoke out of us are motivational, sensational, confrontational and good conversational works of art
And as a friend we may not be perfect but we do the best we can
Putting our friend's hearts before our own at times
Committing selfless acts of kindness that need no payment in return
Because that's what friends are foor
To give for the sake of giving and friendship being the only payment needed
Yup we can do without that other guy,  yup its just you and.... oh he almost slipped in there again
So lets just say me and you instead
Swimming in the seas of our depressive head
A unit of imperfect harmony
Sometimes up sometimes down
And often mad at the world and smiling when we would rather wear a frown
And other days just mad at the world and cursing our existence
You know even writing this.... oh man there it was but it was caught just in time
You see what was supposed to come out was that even poetry depresses us at times
But through the storms, and rain, our lives has been raised
Survival has found us even through the most devastating trials
Happiness still aludes us, sanity too
But that's okay as long as you got me and.... um me got you
Another lucky save that was but yeah we don't need nobody but us
And inside ourselves we will find a love that breathes in the words that we write
An anger that is never hard to find
And every now and then
Through they hazy mist of our existence
Love breaks through, and heart can be seen
So fight on we must
Live on we will
Travel through the seas of life on a ship built by our own hands
And even if we crash we know will get back on track
Because we are invincible
Me myself and.... shhhhhh don't say it
He knows who he is.


  1. One can tell by this poem that you are a creative story teller.