Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Journey With Me

Lets travel through time
Journey through space
Take a ride through the ins and outs and in-betweens of what it means to be an us,
A you and me,
A unit of creation that defies all explanation
A conundrum of all the good and bad, the ugly and breathtakingly sublime yet disturbing, up and down yet all around but somehow still grounded... yes--still grounded cause we are together
Joined by something, united by fate... nah it's more than that it's a divine accident
That's what makes it special that it came unexpected
That it just fell into place on it's own unassisted
If the best things in life a total mistakes then we must be a catastrophe
You and me, man we are so... you know... and it's just... like, ah huh, you know what I mean
That thing I don't need to say,
It's internal and physical, and mentally unbelievable the levels in which we connect... join, bond, gel, meld, inseparable, unmeasurable
If one plus one is two, then you plus me equals us, equals we,
We may be a two but our math adds up to one
We defy all the love poems all the beautiful sonnets
No words in any language can describe the amazing power that flows between us
The electricity that sparks every time that we touch
The desire and want for each other as we move in the art of passionate, erotic, hypnotic, exotic, intoxicating, explosive, dynamic, love making
Whether naked or clothed, god I hope you never let go
Hold on to me, feel my heart beat in sync with yours
Cry my tears and I yours
Feel my pain feel my joy,
Massage my heart in your hands and I'll fertilise your love with my love, reinforce it with all that I am
Hold nothing back
Give each other all our trust,
Go into this journey not without fear but with a courage that will help us conquer anything

Dry each other's tears of sorrow and fertilise our hopes and dreams and everything with tears of joy and watch them grow through the years and blossom into trees, that grow a fruit organically designed and enriched with all our pain--our hurts and shames and happiness and sunny days so that we may eat it all and let what we've shared together enhance what we will experience in the future

Put your hand in mines and I'll put mines in yours and let us go forth into the unknown with nothing but our love for each other to guide us
Let us drown in the river of all the things that love can bring and not be afraid when it seems that we might take our last breath,
Cause we know that our bond is strong,
Our hope will bring us floating to the surface for air no matter how far we may sink cause we are blind to how bad things may get
Love has given us the strength to move mountains
Get out of the way world--nothing can stop us with our weapons of mass destruction we'll crush all obstacles in our way
Slice the thorns of prejudice with our sword of companionship
Kill the hindrance of jealous people with our poisonous darts of hope
Stab the evil of haters with our daggers of faith for what we have they will try to tear apart
But no one can destroy this love, more than heavenly ordained, more infectious than the sins any demon can create
And when our time is done, our love will still live on for eternity even beyond the grave cause our souls are so strong they will never let go
Yeah, I'm gloating, but I know there's others out there who know the joy of looking into someones eyes
Over and over and continuously being surprised by what you see
That's how they've got me
I'm forever looking at love like its the first time

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