Sunday, 1 April 2012

Today I Soar

I sometimes wonder where the pigeons go
When people aren't here to feed them where do they fly.... 
Where would I fly 
If I had wings to spread and soar where would I escape too

I am a pigeon flying high, 
As I watch the people walking by. 
What's that I spy, with my little eye? 
I think I'll ask them for a fry.... A crumb?
Anything, I'm forever living off what others give me
I have wings but I've never seen outside this park, the confines of my life
So I'm going to spread my wings and soar boldly into the unknown

One more year as I lay and ponder .. 
Never been and never known so I can't help but wonder where my wings will fly as time passes by in this park called life that right now is causing me so much strife..
Just one more year and 'll be on my way to living an unknown life

I'll use this year wisely to pack all that I need
Courage strength determination love and hope
And most importantly... my dream 
And the faith to keep it afloat cause now... my year is done

Today I put my faith in my wings and the wind 
The creation of a new me begins as I soar above these park gates
And as I fly through the big blue sky I realize there's no real need to cry.
Or maybe there is, for all the beauty before my eyes
Mountains and valleys such glorious things all knew to me
And I realize my fear to leave kept me sheltered from the world but not any more--Because now... I can soar! 
Much further then before 
As far as my wings will take me 
No longer afraid of what is unknown because it is now known to me 
This is my life... a journey of flight with the wind to carry me through

The sensation on my face seems fresh and new though i’ve flown before this is different
With each beat of my wings I feel more free, 
A new feeling takes over as I do that which I've always done 
Though terrified I find myself putting my faith in the wind, 
Facing my fears instead of hiding 
Sharing the load has allowed me to see better within, and the beauty of blue skies as my soul finds its wings for the first time and I realize... I'm flying!
Through timeless specks of blue and white I soar above.. weightless with the wind. Nothing can stop me now cause I'm just too determined
I am hope on the wings of freedom.

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