Monday, 2 April 2012

Me and Alone

Alone is my best bud
Solitude is the only friend I have 
He comforts me and keeps me sheltered from the cold world
Says things that remind how he is the only one that loves me
Convinces the voices in my head to join in on his plan to keep me inside this box that they tell me is full of all the love that only they can give me
Here I feel alive wanted needed
The world, what is there for me out there
Nothing but heartache and backstabbing and dishonesty... disguised as friendship that is only there to sail on the wings of my dreams without doing anything for itself
To leave me wondering what went wrong, 
How it is all my fault and fooling myself into believing that the world, people, would not do such things to hurt me
That was when they saved me
The voices took me to a special world were all things created are mines to have, love and hold
They introduced me to Alone
Me and him, we are inseparable
We are lovers in a realm that no one else can touch, destroy, or penetrate... because through Alone I can put up a wall so strong that even the most advanced laser missile can not penetrate it
With the voices holding up the wall even if such a thing did occur my enemies would be slaughtered
They would feel the raft of the man the made me
Destroyed, pulverized and broken into a former being of themselves
Aura stolen and used to increase the strength of the person I am only because of them
Those are the only times me and Alone leave our home
When opportunity arrises to defeat those who betrayed us
No nothing can stop us
Me and him together are such a perfect team that the world cowers in our presence and bends to our every whim
The world is our canvas and we choose to cover it in the red of the blood they forced us to bleed
You said you cared
You said you loved me
You said we were friends and you would do nothing to harm me
These are the words the voices repeat to me leaving a subliminal imprint of everything the universe proved to be lies
Yet somehow I survived and realized I'm more than I ever was with you
Now I'm all powerful
An unstoppable force of your creation, and now the student has become the master
I have become the rule maker of the game
And you shall feel the pain of all the tears I cried and swim in the seas of shame you made me feel that was yours and not mine
And as I sit here in my private place, with Alone's words of vengeance fueling my fire
I realize I am cold
I feel nothing anymore
Dont even feel a rise from the revenge that is my life
Each ruined soul no longer brings the rush of vindication my soul used to long for
My heart no longer understands emotions of any form
How could this have happen that even Alone has betrayed me
He promised to love me, care form me, hold me, save me from all that this planet had done to me, so why am I so far gone I dont even know who I am anymore
And for just one moment the voices go silent
And it's just me and Alone and clarity finally finds me
It's never been me and Alone
I am alone, we are one in the same, I've been swimming in my own pain
Getting lost in a world of my own already admitted creation and never new Alone was also part of my imagination.
Now the voices are back trying to send me again down that path, but its to late
I have figured out the truth, and though the noise wont stop I can ignore their words
I am no longer happy they introduce me to Alone
For he has betrayed me just like the rest
I've reached the end where there was only one more person left to do me harm.... myself
Now I can truly say it was everyone that made me

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