Sunday, 8 April 2012


I breathe in a language that you know but don't understand
I speak in a way that needs no translation but is still lost on you
I communicate in the same form as you do
In a voice of a dialect that you also use
Sounds that you know but can not comprehend
And words that are simple yet beyond your capabilities
Cause I live in a space that defies all rules of logic
Where words cross all boundaries and nations, cultures and races
To the young and the old, there's no place I cant be heard
You envy my reach
You lust for my appeal
You try to hide your jealousy but it is oh so real
That there's nothing about me too different from you
Yet I can bring people together release their hidden pleasures
All their hopes, pain, laughter, and rain,
From the insane to the wise I am the giver of life and the breather of dreams and all the thing you hate and wish you could be
I am the truth
I am the lie
I am the one thing you can never deny
The voice of the person who longs to be heard
The invisible friend in the room when one feels all alone
The ocean and sea and all nature bends to my will
The dreamer of dreams and the deliverer of hopes, and love, and all the things you have but can not touch
I'm am less than, more than and sometimes just enough
The right amount at any moment of what a person may need,
I am unseen tears cried, and shared joys... beliefs
And you are just a lost soul conditioned to the ways of the world
You don't feel with your mind, your heart body and soul combined into one unit the same as mines
Your aura was sold, your attachment to life destroyed
And all the things you should know, you don't know anymore
So beat me down with your hate
Destroy me with your pride
But I laugh in your face
From me there is no escape
And when I am dead and gone my legacy will continue... breathe on
For I am a poet
I breathe life in my pen

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