Saturday, 7 April 2012


Take me in your arms again
And I feel you pull me in
Kiss me like you did before
And your lips press against mines once more
Speak to me in lovers' speak
And I hear you hum into my ear
Look into my eyes and see my soul
And your eyes smile back into mine

You take me places I've never been
Deep within me a passion rises that allows me to breathe anew in the mix of what is me and you
As I feel your touch I'm taken in
You read me like a book and search me like a map
You need no plan of attack and know just were to go to get the reactions that turn you on
Which landmasses to touch and rocky planes to cross to send me flying into erotic zones of never ending bliss
And when we kiss the world melts away as we melt into each-others arms
It starts of with a slow tingle
A light tease
Just enough to let me know, where this is going to go
And though I'm begging please just take me now
You know that my body wants more than even I know
So you go to those places that only you know how to go
Find the hidden treasures that bring me such pleasure
And you find pleasure in pleasing me, so I find pleasure in how you please me so
We both together enhance each-others abilities as we go on this ride and climb
No longer a slow tingle
We've gotten to a smooth burn
Our insides are starting to churn with anticipation
I don't know how much more of this I can take
As you touch, lick, flick, massage, nibble
And bite, soft at first, and then real hard
The pain makes me react with a moan mixed with a naughty laugh
And we laugh together, and roll in the sheets of passion
Then it's on to the candles
Drip, my body moves, drop I move again
Drip Drop, I move and I add sigh.
Drip Drop, Drip Drop, Drip Drop Oh god!
I cant get enough of this play
My body screams for more
And now the smooth burn is becoming a raging storm.
Then comes the blind folds for the both of us, handcuffs for me
Now starts the fun
Hard, wild, animalistic, intense
Spasming, pulsating, orgasmic fantasy
I submit to the pleasures my body feels as they flood through me on the waves sin
All the things that they do to me have got to be sinful
Cause something that feels this good has got to be oh so bad and wrong
And after a few multi-orgasmic moments
Handcuffs of it's time for round two
Its tasty, yummy, sticky, gooey
I'm a human hot fudge sunday smothered in ice-cream and champagne
Drizzled with honey and painted in chocolate
Then slowly and agonisingly licked clean then repeat
I'm getting to the point of exploding again
Then they slow it down to torture by nibble play
And I say bite me
And they follow my command
Harder I say
And willingly they obey
As I command and bend them to my desire
It's now my turn, to give orders take charge
Spank me, carry me, suck on my toes,
Carry me to the kitchen, grab the whipped cream you know where it goes
Lick it all off and don't leave a drop
Did I tell you you could speak
Shut the fuck up and give me what I want...
And so they did
In the kitchen the bedroom out on the balcony and in the backyard
Will this marathon ever stop
Can my body continue to go higher and higher and higher on this plane
Soaring into the clouds of lust
And gliding on the winds of erotica
And then we're both there at the same time
We're there and we cum and cum and cum
And fall together too exhausted to speak as we slowly get back to breathing normally
And we smile and you kiss me again
And I find myself saying what I always have said

Take me into your arms again
Kiss me like you did before
Speak to me in lovers speak
Look into my eyes and see my soul

You know what will make me whole, what my next line will be
You know that I love you, and that I know you love me
But I'd like to feel you admit it
Receive more than just the words that come from your mouth when you say it
Claim me as your own
Release me from this secret dark world
Be mines wholly and fully
Beyond the cover of the starry night sky
Go into the world, face your fears, let down your guard
Do it with me, I wont hurt your heart
I've given my all to you and you've given all to me
Lets no longer hide this love
Lets shout it from the mountain tops
Sound of music style twirling in the wind
And finally let this love go to the next level
Look into my eyes and see what I yearn for
Feel the pain you cause each time you leave me here alone to pine for you through the long cold days
I cant read your response this time
My tears may not have changed your mind
So I give it one last try and repeat to you my hearts desire

Take me in your arms again
Kiss me like you did before
Speak to me in lovers speak
Look into my eyes and see my soul
Don't ever let me go
And stay with me until the morning

You say nothing and just hold me tight
And in your arms I fall asleep and cry
I know you wont be there when I wake
Maybe our love will grow another day
And soon the new day comes... but wait
In your arms, this cant be
He didn't go, he didn't leave.
And as he looks into my eyes
I ask him why, and he replies

I cant live without you in my arms
Without your kiss to warm my heart
The sound of your voice is music to me
And I don't see your soul but mines inside your eyes
So I'll hold you tight and never let go
I can no longer hide our love it needs to grow and show
Be set free
So I'll stay with you this morning
And the morning after
Till from this life we are torn

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