Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Take my hand,
Place it in yours and let the touch of our skin release our inner joy
Move it from me into you and you into me until it blends into a being made almost entirely of love
Sprinkled with lust and a dash of magical dreams that floats on the wind and is transported through our core and out through our pores
Use our hands to massage away the memories of when I was just a me and you were just you and let our connection bring the transformation from a you and I to an us
Use our thumbs to wipe away the tears of pain when life throws us in the rain
Our hands to hold the umbrella above us to shelter us from the storm
Let our fingers intertwine and the electricity ignite the passion of our destiny
Let our touch be enough and more than enough all at the same time and…

Take my heart
Let it beat at a pace until I can't tell mine from yours
Play a rhythm so smooth that our feet move to a music only we can hear
Dancing into places where only lovers can go and pulse in a way that makes us take flight
Moving with the beat of our wings as we soar through the clouds and meld together with the skies
Nature becomes us, we become it, and feel the wind rush against our face as our hearts begin to race together
We feel light as a feather
With each beat our desires meet and become one in the same
As complex as the colours of a butterfly's wings
Before we were just caterpillars but now, we are poetry in motion
Flying high as the trees on patterned wings transformed from lesser beings into something much more Not only in the light we amaze also in the dark
You are the flame shining bright and I am drawn to you, helpless
A creature of the night, a moth, there is no escape
I was meant to be drawn to you and as I touch you the rhythm of our hearts match the intensity of the sparks that flow from the flames of our joined parts
Causing others to stop and stare struggling to hear the music playing to the rhythm our hearts have made

Take my eyes and my mind,
Let us see ourselves through each other's eyes and let the wonders of what our thoughts create inspire us into magical realms of ecstasy
See into the deepest of the seas then go to the places we shield from the world and open up each other's vulnerability
Share our imperfections and let our minds join in one thought
Take our separate entities and create a new understanding of the we that we have become and see beyond the shell that holds us
Float into the space of our design and be aligned in this place and time,
See the truth within the lies and the secrets we’ve kept because our minds told us love had left us behind
Turn the sadness in the dilation of the circular orbs that come in pairs, to a happiness beyond compare, Beyond what our minds can even comprehend yet still somehow understands and sees the worth within
Buried inside look into my eyes and mine in yours together let us open up our minds and let each other in
They say the truth lives within the eyes and in ours the purest of love resides

Take my soul
The very thing makes me who I am and trust me with yours
Let us breathe in the scent of what we were individually and watch as they combine
Into something familiar yet new
This me and you thing, it’s a great thing, a thing that is greater than any love that has been told of before
Our souls reach back as far as the beginning of time dancing on the oceans of life and riding on the clouds of hope and divine trust
They sing in notes that only we can understand
Create harmonies that can't be contained in this lifetime or the next
Infectious, contagious, inspiring, enticing, inviting, unnatural, supernatural, the power our souls hold is inconceivably awesome
They meld together so seamlessly bringing together our hopes and dreams, our hurts and pains, into a symphony of beauty that finds its strength in each other’s soul
Until they found each other we didn’t know we were not whole but as we feel the fire burning deep inside us,
The wells of our souls seem bottomless and we are not afraid to go deeper and deeper into the maze and pick the flowers that grow there
In the garden of our own creation
Eat from the fruit of our souls until we disappear into a place made just for those who dared to take the chance, of relinquishing their souls, letting go
So take my hand, feel my skin next to yours
And take my heart, may it forever match the beat of yours
Take my eyes and my mind and see all the wonders we created, both you and I
Take my soul, and be part of me, let us join together in a unity that lifts from our past life into this life and the next, and then continue into the beyond, until eternity shall we live as one
Take me in your arms

And never let me go.

©Samuel Alexander April 2017

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