Monday, 30 July 2012

Wonderful Surprise

I'm in love with a boy
And it came unexpectantly
You just up and entrapped me
Enchanted me, grabbed me and made me your property
I became yours
All there was before was no more, you hit me right at the core with your smile of sniper vision acuracy
You spoke your chant and instantly I was entranced and into your arms I was saved without realising I had fell
Yeah,  you got me
Yeah, You got me good
You knew what you had done to me
You enjoyed watching me fall completely into your grasp
But it's okay, I aint mad
You're the best thing to happen to me
If I could do it again I'd beg for you to enslave me and hit me with those entrancing eyes
Meet me again for the first time one more time
Make me want to win you, have you, build my life around you
I'd beg for another first round knock out, hit me by surprise, couldn't see it coming right between the eyes situation
Funny, never would've thought this could be
See with men, this is how I treat them
Dick gets hard, yeah we should fuck
But with women, man on them I could crush
But you, man I just cant explain
Just one look and I crashed and burned
And the craziest thing about it was that my typical reaction didn't happen
But yet I knew it had to be you
Could be no other
I had to have you in my life forever till the end
We had to be an us
And although it didn't rise for you, I knew this time it was different
In an instant I was shot down and you the preditor had me
So I'll hold you in my arms forever
Never, ever, ever
I got a hardon for your heart
No erection necessary