Friday, 13 December 2013


Another lost love just broke my heart again
Left me shattered again
No longer whole again
And as I cried and went through the usual
How could I be so stupid again
Let emotions blind me again
Fall for the same lines, lies, eyes that swear to tell truths in misleading words that they hide behind again
I decide this time it will be different.
I won't do it the same as before, walk back down that road of it must be me self-loathing pain again
Because if it is me, then something must change

I stare at my heart on the ground, the pain seeping out of it in red leaving spots on the grass and this time It was clear
I knew what must be done
I won't just pick them up and move on, no, not this time
I see what I've been doing wrong
That piece right there that says fall for the same lies, I"m chucking too far away for me to find
And that piece that says I'm not as worthy as I am, disintegrated... lost in the wind
Self-loathing and doubt, I can do without
And selling my soul for perceived love, and giving freely my trust
No they can not stay, they get in the way
And why is my inner strength so dusty,
I shall buff it up all nice and brand new
Now it's beautiful, I'll place right next to truth
And fear I'll keep, but not such a big piece
Faith I'll blend with hope and put them next to inner strength
The memories of sadness past is still worth keeping,
I'll put it next to learning so I'll grow from it, be better because of it
Pain stays as well and I'll place it next to peace, so in my darkest times I'll have strength to survive
Happiness, looks so beautiful it was buried under pain,
That's why I couldn't find it, all my pain was trying to hide it
And love, it seems is everywhere, a little piece here and a little piece there, oh and there
It's the glue that holds me together
Reminds how the good and bad should work together
Now I have the perfect balance of up and down, dark and light, weakness and fight
A little bit of all that I need but right in the centre, at the heart of things, there seems to be a missing piece.
My heart, appears to still be incomplete
Where is this the biggest piece of all
Did I take the time to reconstruct for nothing
My joy in vain, my success soon to become pain
Did I throw away too much and not keep enough
Or did I keep too much, what could I have done

And that's when I realised
Oh how could I have missed
It was so simple
So easy
So sweet
If I had not left my heart on the ground for so long
Took the time to clean it up, sort it out, put back together the important parts
I would've missed what I've been missing for so long
The one thing I've never ever done before
I reached deep inside
And what did I find
And with this final piece the healing began

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