Thursday, 26 April 2012

Poetic Soulmate

I've been mindfucked
Violated in the worst kind of way
My brain impregnated by the words of a woman
The ideas of someone who knows just what words to use to hit the spot
She slides her lyrics in-between the lines of my mind and fills all the spaces
The rhythm of her poetry pulses against my cerebellum and has me screaming for a deeper insertion
How does she know what words to say
How is it that her pen writes this way
It finds the deepest corners of my mind and caresses their darkness into the light
With just a touch, and a whisper,
Each word,
It lingers, and my brain tingles with delight
Then she thrusts more phrases into me, oh just right
She knows how I like it
This woman, she has saved me
Her lyrics have made me realise that we are one, and that I am not alone
Across some plain of destiny she speaks to me in a code that only I can understand
My suicidal thoughts, and pains are all laid bare in her stanzas
With each comma she takes a moment to thrust more of her music into me
I'm afraid that she knows me so well
But I just cant get enough of the oohs and ahhs and whatnots that her words seem to make my brain feel
Each stanza takes me higher
My entire being spasms to the rhythm she takes me on
She is in control
I become lost in her style and can no longer distinguish my words from hers
My fingers from hers
Each stroke of her pen sends bolts of electricity across my mind
The sound of her voice reading her own lines is oh so sublime
And as she gets into the hardcore thrusting exclamation points
I want more,
Speak to me, speak to me, breathe your truths into me
Entice me with the sudden dips in emotion
Spank me with your fullstops, and smack me in the face with your straight up honest style
Take me on a hardcore ride through exotic, lyrical, wordgasmic, mystical, it's supernatural, unnatural how her words speak my heart
How each letter she types presses on the strings of my tears
And as they come together to form full sentences I know it was meant to be because the sentences breathe and swim on the notes of my fears
My pain is shared, my joys and hopes and dreams laid before me
It's all there, line by line
And there's no need to try to fight it as she straps on her sword of inspiration and shoves it into me I scream out for more
Don't stop, I need your words to fill me
Reach deep down into my core
And the more she feeds me I precum in anticipation of what being a slave to her art makes me
With each thrust I let go more of myself
For I know I'm safe in the world she has created for me
In the texture of her words I find a place to call home
I'm not alone as long as I have her art to guide me
Oh man I'm getting real close just thinking about the next time we meet and she injects me again, impregnates me again, seeds me with the juices of her genius
The depths of the intellectual connection we have cannot be explained all I know is I need her rhymes
Like I need air to breath, cause this mindfuck is that intense
Don't know how much longer my brain can handle it
Her truths are mine, my heartaches my joys, and the secrets I hide, she finds them
It's hidden in everything she writes like each word is just for me
She gives it to me raw, unsheathed
Yeah I know that's risky but I trust her with everything in me
Oh man my brain is tingling, it's almost at the brink, god I can no long think
We cum together,
God damn my mind is left wide open and gaping
Cause that was some thick ass lyrical shit
Her words are that good I keep wanting more of it
No one else can do it quite like she can
And the real fucked up shit about this mindfuck is that my soul mate isn't a man.

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