Thursday, 19 April 2012

Me Is Okay

I've wondered down the long road that is the journey of my life
Turning off at the wrong exits with signs that lead to more distractions
Signs that say, this should be the love of your life
This should be the career path you choose
These are the friendships you should make
These are the friendships you should loose
These are the things you should stress about, worry about, cry about, laugh about, get angry and mad about
Following directions on billboard signs trying to find the life they advertise
Reading the propaganda of all the things that I should be when never considering I am already on the right path made from all the things I’ve experienced thus far
All the mistakes and pains and choices I should have learned from
I ignored them to continue looking for what the road signs of my life tell me I should be
Looking for what I've been taught... what I believe should be the me I aspire to be
But something in me has changed
Something in me has arisen
I've hit a roadblock
Crashed and burned for the last time
And as I sit here burning in the fire I realise I am still alive
A phoenix born out of its own devastation
A new creation and now I see much more clearly
Now I realise I don’t have to worry
Things may be said about me, some truths some lies, but I’m alright
I have made some mistakes but I’m alright
I've been misguided by myself and others but I’m alright
I've hurt myself and others too but I’m alright
I've been stomped on and defeated at times but I’m alright
The person I am
The person I’ve become
Through all the good and bad I’ve done
The me that stands here now today
This being is more than anything can say
I realise everything that encompasses me with all its complexities is what makes me the perfect being I am
I will walk forward embracing my scars as the marks of someone who has survived
I will take each step of achievement as something that I worked hard for and believed in
I won’t sweat the little things and I won’t let the big ones overpower me
No longer will I feel that what I am is not enough
No longer will the exits and detours and distractions on this road fool me into believing that I’m not meant to be who I am
This road holds all the things that made me and many new things that will create more wonderful experiences to add to the evolution of me
This road carries someone that is fantastically beautiful just the way they are
So I’m going to release all the things that made me feel that being someone else would be better
Let the tears of confusion and disillusionment escape me and cleanse my soul of the things that once blinded me
Release the self made shackles of my former beliefs and look at the shell that has always been there and accept the wonderful truth that the universe has revealed
I'm going to empower myself to move forward and no one... not even myself will steer me wrong again
Cause now I can look at my reflection and say
Me... is okay

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