Sunday, 22 April 2012

Someone Else

What if these hands I have aren't mine
These lips, these eyes, my arrival to life
If I didn't write with my right but instead with my left
If the secrets I hold aren't mines to be kept
What if my life belongs to someone else

If the loneliness I feel isn't mine to bare
If those I love are someone else for to care
If the tears that I cry in solitude each night
And the ones inside belong to someone else's plight 
Am I wrong to believe that this being isn't me
What if my life belongs to someone else

If someone else got my height, my goals and love
They hold my success, my money, my trust
The unbroken solidity of a family home
The joy, contentment and lack of feeling alone
If all the goodness and greatness I should have had
Was given to them, a mistake at God's hand
They should be me, and I should be them
What if my life belongs to someone else

How could this have happened, why can’t it be fixed
How could the creator make such a mistake as this
My house, my wife, my familly, my kids
My laughter, my joy, my hopes, my dreams
My skin-tone, my friends, my unbroken family,
My body, my contentment, the gift of sanity
My place in life was given to another
My heart, my soul and even my lover
The career and success that is rightfully mine
Is held in the hands of another man, another's life
Still it isn't their fault
Someone else is to blame
In the heavens above
We all know his name
He fucked with my life
Gave me misery and strife
Knowing all along
That what he did was wrong
But the all mighty is always right
So I can’t blame him for his own blight
But I know it's his fault
And I demand justice
He's shit on the wrong man
And he had better remedy this
I don't care if you are the almighty and divine
Give me the life that you know is rightfully mine

But my pleads are futile
I'm swimming in denial
God will never answer though he knows he's wrong
And somehow I think I’ve known this all along
That my shitty existence was intentional fuckery
And God is up there having a blast just laughing at me
But I know I’m right as sure as sure can be
My life's fucked cause God gave it to someone else but me

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