Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My World

I don't live in a world where it's okay to mistreat women
Where it's okay to treat them less than a man, less then human and think we are justified in that decision
After having to fight to vote, and for education just as they did we should understand how not to treat them,
But apparently it doesn't work like that,
We deserve pity and special treatment and not them

I don't live in a world where it's okay to hate on another culture
To train my children to only like one race
To teach them not to bring 'them' home to date cause they ain't done nothing for you but cause you harm
We got to stick together and look out for our own--they say
But all I see is us, bringing ourselves down
Shutting down all things different because of our former repression
But you know what there was the Holocaust, and women being burned to the stake as witches
And humans destroyed for not being crhistians
We should know how to not hate and discriminate on any other race
Purely based on the same fact that, that was what was done to our race
But apparently it doesn't work like that, only we deserve special treatment

So yeah that's my stance
I don't do double standards
I don't live in a world where it's okay for us to scream injustice every moment we can
To hide behind the guise of slavery and never take responsibility for our own actions
Being womanizers is a form of oppression
Teaching our youth to hate a race before giving them a chance is racism no matter how you justify it
Feeding into hate of any sect, whether white, Asian, black, African or other, is discrimination no matter how you word it
We always say do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but how can this be true
When we eat, sleep, breathe and harp on something so deep, that we manifest all the things done to our ancestors onto the world
We become what they were to us and discriminate right back and consider it just
Well what's right is right and what is wrong is wrong
And if it was wrong when it was done to you I see now way how it could be right when you do it to them
But whatever, I guess that's why I don't have many 'black' friends
Because I don't live in a world where I can hide behind my ancestors hardships and use it as a scapegoat to impose that same hate and discriminate on all those around me
So hate on these words and call me a sellout, that's fine
You live in a world where you can pretend that hate can be justified
I refuse to be a part of perpetuating injustice
Don't like it, whatever, fuck it, just deal with it
I will treat everyone equally until they show me they deserve otherwise
Because fair is fair, and everyone deserves a chance to earn my trust
I don't live in a world of hate,  I live in a world of...
If I have to say it then obviously we don't live in the same world


  1. Beautiful. Powerful. Love it!

    1. Aww thanks... It just sorta came to me.... I think it's alright it's starting to grow on me