Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Good Day

Today I'm feeling pretty good
It doesn't happen that often
So while I'm shooting through the clouds of bliss I will take a dive into the seas of happiness and swim out into the deep ocean of contentment
Yes that's the kind of day I'm having
The type of day that makes you think maybe life isn't so bad after all
The type of day you keep looking for life to put a pebble in our path to trip over stumble and fall
But it never happens
Things run smooth and you happy cloud never turns grey
You find yourself wishing all days could be this way and just at the moment when you're about to give yourself a reality check you stop, breathe, exhale, relaxe
Today you refuse to let reality sink in
You will believe that tomorrow and the next, then the next day will be the same way
Today you are on such a high nothing can bring you down
You flying balloon is impervious to harm and through the sun shiny atmosphere you soar
Today it is so clear, and you find yourself totally removed from fear
Only joy is in the air
Yes that's the type of day I've had
And this time even life wont bring me down
Today I'm feeling pretty good

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