Saturday, 31 March 2012

I Dont Have Time

I dont have time--But I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders
Life crashing against my back like rolling boulders
Flattened to thin and squeezed into a full cabinet of folders
I need to file myself correctly, more effectively, but the reality is-
-I dont' have time--To deal with the rain, pain, emotions that come in waves and sweat out like cold drinks in coasters
To deal with the rings left behind when the coaster I can not find
Staining the table of my life, forever marked in strife
I know I can remove it
Make it disappear
Leave the table so spotless as if the glass had never been there, but-
-I dont have time--To look, to search, to find, something more, something forgotten
Well... more accurately it has been lost
Because, I can still feel it burning inside me
Crying for attention
Calling out my name
It no longer want's to be caged,
It wants me to stop take a moment and see
Breathe life into it again, help it to be released
And I cant help but agree but the problem is-
-I dont have time--To stop, to slow down, to smile, to laugh, to do much of anything besides, keep going, in motion, no slowing down
Life wont let me fall of the train
Life wants to keep me playing, keep me in the game, it's insane
How I've crashed and burned but have yet to see my wounds
My heart is singing such a sad tune, wondering why I havent tried to fix it
But i'm too consumed with just simple everyday living
So forward I will go
I cant take a break because if i do it might be the last I take
Life threatens me with loss if I dont play with it
It's selfish and wants what it wants, all take and no give
But I''ll get to you, I know you need healing
I know cause I can feel it
Deep inside I hear it
My soul hasn't died
It still thrives on
Beating along with my heart as it hums its song
So i'll answer
Wait.... life is calling
Again myself has been neglected
I'm falling
I know what you need, and oh how I ache to give you your freedom but unfortunately-
-I dont have time--To cry