Sunday, 19 August 2012


I have a question.
Well more of a favour
I need you to lend me something,
Just for a while
If you can it would help me oh so much
I wanted to use my own but I seem to have run out
Come up short, used all up, and now that I need it most I am without

See I tried to drown myself in them
Wash away my fears with them
Let my emotions be covered by them like a cascade
Shimmering with the liquid rushing over its surface
Wanted to spray them in the mist of a waterfall
Dampen the dryness of my soul with them and dive into pools of feelings of sadness and joy and hurt and pain and swim through the seas of hate
Wade in waters of trust and float on the lakes of love
But when I went to take a dip I found the well was dry
When I went to drink the cup was not full
I tried to float but was standing in the sand
I've used mines all up and no matter how hard I stab myself with the dagger of life, and bleed in the pain of strife
There is no reaction,
Nothing ever happens,
Just feelings on top of feelings, flattened together compressed and needing release
Wanting to be set free

So could you please just help me to release my all
Let go of my everything
I want to feel again, breathe again, know what it means to care again and be angry once more
But all I had in store is no more
So I ask of you, beg of you, please let me take for just a moment from you this one thing that I need
I promise I won't ask for much more
I realise that even this is too much but I'm desperate and I have no one else
So I ask could you please lend me
Please let me borrow
No... I want you to share, till eternity
Your tears with me