Sunday, 10 May 2015

Morning Run

I see you when I run, or more accurately I feel you
Before I hit the hill I try to stretch my eyes above and beyond to see you waiting for the morning bus, but to no avail
So bobbing left and right the anticipation rises deep inside and I see you before you see me and I tell myself ‘keep a straight face this time’
I fail miserably
Glowing in anticipation of your glow and then… you notice me
You smile
You wave
For seconds the entire world feels like it will be okay and all my troubles melt away and it lingers for a while, long after I’ve passed you by
That is the power you wield in just a smile and a wave
Like magic, a life, instantly healed, saved
I try to leave the gym right on time to see you
Plan far enough ahead the day before to know I wont miss you
Just the thought of this moment consumes my being and then….