Monday, 16 April 2012


You ask me to spell my name and instantly I reply
My name is spelled, l-o, s-e-r, a-m-I
Usually I cant spell to well
But unfortunately this time I got it right
I'm just a particle of sand in this land
A lone leaf falling from a tree
A discarded item once needed now forgotten

I am without a friend to be mine
A friend to travel through the realms of time, together
I'm not wanted no mater how hard I try to be that which another would want to be theirs
I'm broken and no one cares to fix me
Desperately seeking someone to complete me
But I'm not important enough to love
Or so it seems
Because... if I was... than I wouldn't be-
-Here, so distraught
Here so lost
Here feeling like I am nothing, something less than nothing,
I am tears that fall unseen
I am broken hopes and neglected dreams
I am everything that could've been great but was not good enough to make the cut
So I got tossed to the side and carelessly dropped
And now my pieces are put together all wrong so when you look at me you just see something misshapen, not human, an unidentifiable being
When you look at me,  that's all you see
So how then can I see myself as more than, better than, other than, different from, I'm not really sure because what I could be, I forgot
I just know what it is that I have become
I'd spell it out for you but that's already been done
Worthless, useless, a waste of space, a disgrace to the human race, with no hope of escape, so I must sit here and endure the pain of knowing
That in the eyes of the world I am just mud to be trodden upon
An inkblot on the canvas of humanity
Sometimes I wonder why someone doesn't just extinguish, exterminate, disintegrate, obliterate my existence
The only conclusion is I'm here for their amusement
But that's okay
Over the years I've gotten used to it
For I live a loser's life

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