Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I dont feel like being alive today
I'm not sure what else I should  say
I could explain why
But why?
I could say I'm suicidal but I already expressed I dont want to be alive so why say it twice
I could say that being human is a curse, but then people would start to worry and comment on how things will get better
It's just that I try to do my best
Do all I can to be a good man and be fair in most things
Do I stumble and fall... yes, but I try not to let it get the best of me
I feel like I'm constantly battling life and life is always wining
I'm loosing a piece of my soul with each step
I breathe in the breath of someone who is forced to fight a loosing battle
I'm so tired of getting nowhere and doing everything to be somewhere
Walking the same spot
Underneath a rain cloud that only pours on me
Everything seems to happen to everyone else
But here I am under this cloud, soaked to the bone
Freezing and cold and all alone in a world that has no place for me
A world that constantly takes things from me and doesn't give back
A world that is selfish and asks me to sacrifice my soul only for it to throw me further into my hole of depression
A world that just doesn't want me
So yeah fuck life today
And fuck the world
I don't care what they think or how they feel
Today i'm being honest with myself
I'm being real
And I've had one of those God's fucked me up the ass again today days
And when I screamed he said shut the fuck up bitch and take it like a man
Yeah that's the kind of fucked up day I've had
And how was your day today

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