Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I am a voice on the wind
Breathe in breathe out... you've been infected

Injected, connected, intercepted, redirected
Your brain-penetrated, my thoughts have been implanted inside your mind,
Snuck through and taken up residence
Imprinted it with my presence, my essence, my entrance into your mind has gone unnoticed
Your change has been made but you think your the same
Yet my ideas washed over you like waves and melded into yours and trapped you inside your own head with my words instead
Lyrically, flowing
With no way of you knowing that I've impregnated your ideas like onomatopoeias,
I hissed my way into your world and hummed through you weak defenses on a whisper of stealthy linguistic winds
Like a ninja hunting its target, you've been reached, the mission is complete
I've got you in my web now,
Entered your your being and you've been reborn anew in the likeness of my creation
Now the thoughts you once feared are of your own construction
You thought you could take me down but I spat at your hate with my ninja stars and as your scars form they're imprinted with my word-genius and they heal so smoothly no record of me can be seen--though I've become a part of your DNA
Subconsciously, divinely, stealthily, intellectually I pierce through your ignorance with my sword of linguistic matter... I crush your hate and you shatter
And with a few twirls of my syncopated non-chucks I pound my truths into you
Than I slice you with my annunciating dagger, hidden with in my emotional sleeve of spoken-word melodies
My sentences hide in the shadows and attack at a moments notice and soon you'll be quoting me and i'll just stand back and watch as you the prey fall victim to your arrogant ways
You didn't know had mad-ninja-rhythmic-flowing-wordamazing-fantastically-poisonosdart-rhyming-stylings
That flow through your viens, and wash over you like the flood of a broken damn--I cover you
Even from afar cause I have the eyes of a hawk
The heart of a dragon
The skills of the best lioness huntress
Even in the daytime, you're mine
You thought that I just walked away from the challenge but this kungfu master has come back full force, undercover
I had my glasses on but now that they're off I'm in my poetic ninja form
I hit you in plain sight and when you turn around... like magic... I'm gone
Disappeared to leave you standing there slowly being destroyed
Filling all the voids within your soul with a voice that reaches beyond the box you thought you could lock me in
But i've defeated you, like all the rest
I shoot to kill and never miss
I'm a lyrical ninja assassin.

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  1. "With no way of you knowing that I've impregnated your ideas like onomatopoeias,
    I hissed my way into your world and hummed through you weak defenses on a whisper of stealthy linguistic winds"