Sunday, 17 June 2012

To Chocolate With Love

I sit here and think of how I feel
Mind's a pace heart's a racin' or should that be the other way around
But that's how you get me, all confounded and confused, and loose in speach yet clear of mind as time travels through me while I travel through it, to a place of halucinatory sinful acts that enact a story so complex a love that could never be matched, a celebration of a union so beautiful and amazingly great, as we partake of eachother, how you feel against my lips, in my finger tips this is, never a hit or mis it's a hit hit breathe it in and back again, let it grow while it flows into oceans, who knows, where it's goin where you'll take me no make me or break me just create me, in a love only for you the things that you make me do the laughter you bring, the emotions you send between the oceans on a love barge of new and inventive ideas how things suddenly apear, life could never be better than when the two of us are together forever we never thought we'd ever have each other but now, I got you and you got me lover, I swear I could never love no other, Mary Jane, MJ, marijuana we are lovers, you and I
Samuel Alexander

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