Monday, 18 June 2012


What does it mean?
What is it really?
Is it that feeling that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside?
That thing that takes you into a world you never knew?
Is it something that’s traditional?
Boy meets girl, girl meets boy and they consummate their relationship with a bond of trust before marriage
Is it all the things they said it would be?

It’s something more
Something so complex it can’t be described in this world or the next
It isn’t the obvious or what we’ve been told

It’s hard
It’s rough
It’s compromise
It’s change
It’s letting go
It’s up
It’s down
It’s not black and white
It’s gray
It’s unexplainable
It’s undefined
It’s perfect because of its imperfections
It’s so intricate that even the best suspense mystery can’t compare to the shocking unknown and creative ways in which love can express itself
Make itself known

So why do we believe in what we are told?
To trust in the obvious
The limited views of what love should be

Love for me is the thing that just is

Why do I love who I’m with?
Well... you know... I... It’s just amazing... It’s not solid
It’s all over the place and doesn’t say much but that’s the beauty of it.

Love is unexplainable

It’s that thing that simply exists
That’s what we should look for
That connection that’s so great so indescribable that the limitations of the human mind and justification can’t label it
That’s what I want
Something so magnificent I can’t explain it
It just is.
Samuel Alexander

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