Sunday, 17 June 2012


Live is evil backwards and live is to be alive, so what does that mean, seem, oppose, suppose, whatever's clever to endever in this world it is what it is -- even when it isn't it changes like blue skies turn to night... you thought I'd say cloudy but there's more to change than just the obvious routes and ways to say and comprehand the knowledge that is power and weakness -- all in the same wondering who to blame for the insain that's really okay, not certifiable so our denial of insanity is really acceptance of all the things that dreams are made of... conceptual intillectual, directional, infection always somewhere around nowhere... inbetween there and here, not being anything tangible yet in my hands I can feel it though it simultaniously slips through my fingers like water -- I shoulda coulda never thoughta ways to make it be more than what it's not, while being what it is -- isn't it that while still being this? oh yeah, ah huh, mm hmm and just enough of every nothing when up is down, but down is in the center, a vortex so complex it distracts from the fact that everything is every-seems and together yet apart and switched around so there is no singular meaning for everything even though there is... nothing is the something of the empty space that is full and it comes right back to the thought at hand... Live is evil backwards and live is to be alive so maybe life is evil and living is sinful, whatever I suppose, I don't know, but I do... yeah I do
Samuel Alexander

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