Sunday, 17 June 2012

It's All In The Mind

I’m feeling depressed but it's all in my mind
So my mind is depressed so does that mean that I...
Am not -- could it be that it isn't what it seems
Could there more to what I see than what I feel… hear… or believe

If it's all in the mind than is everything really something else
If happiness is a state of mind then what happens if to everything this rule is applied
If life is what you make it then what happens if all things are governed by this statement
Hmmm... I wonder

So if everything is what I make it then nothing is what it is
The intense emotion felt when a mother first looks in her newborn’s eyes, when giving this rule could equally be none existent, since it’s all in the mind
The connection you feel to your friends and loved ones is merely phrases on the wind, since its all in the mind
The heartache we feel at the loss of one close to us
The pain we feel at the betrayal from a lover
The anger we feel when someone does us wrong and the weariness and struggle of weathering life’s storm
Are merely just words and empty expressions
Because… if applying the rule ‘it's all what we make it’ it becomes clear all of these things aren’t real… don't exist

We always say these phrases when times are down, but if everything lives according to these expressions, then everything in life is solely of our own artistry
All of our emotions become null and void because it's all in our minds… it's all what we make it so nothing is tangible
Nothing can be held in our grasp because if it is all of our own design, then it all amounts to nothing
Just stuff on top of stuff that we create to make our days go by so that we can feel better
So the happy people can feel better by telling you life’s what you make of it without ever considering the reverse can be said of their contentment

So if this rule applies to everything then all of life’s experiences can be molded and changed
Are lucid and fluid and every and anything amounts to a lack of solidity
It's all just stuff floating around waiting for us to take an ‘it's all in our minds’ stance and change it
So I’m feeling depressed but its all in mind my mind
So my mind is telling me I'm nothing

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