Sunday, 17 June 2012

Everybody But Me

Everybody's got somebody
Everybody but me
Everybody's got somebody to love
Everyody but me

Someone to hold when you're down
A person to create a smile from your frown

Someone to take a punch when you get mad
Someone to hit you back every chance they can
To argue with for no reason and to hate when times get bad

Someone to cry your tears when the world drags you under
Someone to fight your battles when you can handle them no longer
Someone to share your joy and the burdens of your pain
Be there to save your life when your drowning in the rain

To hold your soul in their hands and travel through the universe of the beautiful storm of loves creation, as you take their heart and together you join in an unexplained unity of something more than love, that breathes on mother nature's elixer and travels on the clouds of father time

Everybody has their one and only someone
Everybody but me
Samuel Alexander

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