Sunday, 17 June 2012


I take a moment to stop and breathe
Time to channel my inner peace
Take me to a place where my mind can be free
A place where I can be calm
My soul at ease
I am searching for silence
That empty place where all things grow
New ideas and some of old
Finding places within me full of knowledge I didn't know I knew

So I'll empty myself and reassess
Or empty myself just to revisit
To ensure my mind and soul are one
I must reach my silince and linger a while to let what needs to flow back in do so unfiltered

But outside forces invade my silence
Noise in the form of violence and hate
Jealousy and evil
Backstabbers and Liers
Pretenders and disbelievers
All coming at me each and every way
Crowding my silence with their polution
Not allowing me to fill it with it's own growth solution

I've removed all my own noise
I've done my part
I've emptied my void so I can start the process of evaluating myself
But how can I do what i need when my silence is filled with invading activity

Silence is golden only if the world excepts your scilence and lets it be
So for silence to be golden we must destroy the noise
And to do that we can not remain silent
Samuel Alexander

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