Sunday, 17 June 2012


If only I could lose my pain
And make it through the clouds and rain
Just fold it up all nice and tight
And through it out into the night
But supposed someone caught it
Would they now feel my emptiness
Would it take away their happiness

Well maybe I'll just store it and leave it for a rainy day
But when my days are dark and gloomy will all my pain come back to haunt me
Or will the pain I have at that time be the only pain that's on my mind

Maybe I'll just store it in a bottle and hide it in my closet
Maybe eventually I'll forget it
But after too many bottles are full and I go to open my closet door will they all fall out on top of me
Or will my closet grow more room as the pain inside me blooms

Maybe put it in a bottle and send it out to sea
Floating away with no destiny
But what about when the tide brings the bottles to shore and pain surrounds me evermore
Will I throw them back in the ocean or crush them with my empty emotion

Well I guess, somehow, someday
I'll know how to work my pain away
But until that day I'll just cry, cry, cry
My pain away
Samuel Alexander

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