Sunday, 17 June 2012

Meet Me

Will you meet me in the middle
At the end of where we begin
When yesterday and today are one
At the space where here and now becomes after
Where the end of heartache meets it's mend
At the point just between emotion and crying
Will you meet me at the transition between where I was and where I am
At the small place between contentment and devistation
When self doubt ends just before inner strength steps in
At that split second in time when winter meets spring
Where the robin gets it's inspiriation just before it sings
At the moment before sunshine turns to gray and falling leaves
Will you be there at the transformation between sleep and awake
At the moment just when a moving path becomes a dead end
When the terminoligy of drop turns into fall
At the turning point of where we are - the space of change from where we've been
When time hits the space when it moves from like to love
At the void between journeying and the start of the end
Will you meet me at the place between awearness and a dream
At the moement in time before left and right becomes between
When sound and silence meet
At the point when closing turns to shut
When night disapears before the start of day
At the space when a hug turns into loves embrace
When you become me just as I become you
At that sudden change from love to hate
Will you meet me in the middle when you and I became us
At the place where our love began and live in the moment before start is end

Samuel Alexander

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