Sunday, 17 June 2012

Life As A Movie

Life sucks ass... no orgasms involved
It moves from one tragedy to the next like a good movie dissolve, with a rippling effect as the next scene moves from the back to the forefront... fooling us into believing the next act will be better 'cause we are lost in the space of the fade-in, then find ourselves anticipating the next fade-out
But instead... get a sudden cut -- giving the cinematic experience a confusing pace
Too many jerky pans and misuse of steady-cam when it should be handheld to give it a more natural feel
Unsure if these reels hold the film of a movie or a series and before it can be figured out... there's another choppy cut and a zoom-in to the brilliant enactment of your awful existence
No cuts -- just endless streaming of horror that you can't turn away from, then...
A sudden zoom out to poor focus
The screen is hazy and unclear
Your acting can't be seen, only a text that says 'good times' and as quickly as it came... it's gone
The good times got little screenplay... were out of focus
And after this final transition the quality is digitally enhanced to perfection and there you are, filmed in your best close-up -- in an orgasmicless life-sucking-ass situation
Back where you started in artsy -beginning is the end- scene
     Roll credits
          This movie's done

"Who edited this shit" and you realise you were the one...

Now ain't that a bitch.
Samuel Alexander

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