Sunday, 17 June 2012


This is it
It's all over
Too much...I'm done
Don't know how I got here but now that I'm here I know what must be done
What I must do to be free
I will no longer be a slave to the world
Will seperate my soul from its bindings to earth
I see the light at the end of my choice
I don't need an oracle to explain... I know which pill to take
The wizard can not help me there's no need to click my heels
This life has done it's last damage
It wont harm me anymore
Tonight it all will end
I filled the tub with water so it don't spill everywhere
Got all the tools I need to close me off to humanity
I take off my clothes and get in
I feel the metal against my wrist but my hand wont move
I try to apply pressure
Will my very essence into the act but still my skin remains intact
I am more terrified of going on than I am of staying
Terrified that when I'm gone nothing will be waiting
Is endless black worth more than the devestation and destruction life brings
The more I think 'yes' the more I want to leave and the harder it becomes to escape my agony
Though my heart wants to stop with all its might
I cant seem to take my life
You always think it's so easy
Gun in the mouth, hanging, and slices of wrists
But it takes extreem determinaition and much inner strength to bring ones own life to an end
I can no longer see them as weak now that I've been here and didn't have what it takes to leave this place
Now I realise and understand that killing someone else is easy
It takes much more strength to take ones own life
Samuel Alexander

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