Sunday, 17 June 2012

So Wrong

I see you but you dont see me
Or maybe you do but can't admit it
Still you're designed for me
Almost the right height, complexion, and just short of the mark of love and conception
A little more morals than I like but it would keep me grounded where I am not
A voice that melts me and shapes me
A scent that envelopes me
We are joined together by uknown forces but not quite cause you dont see

You've got a boyfriend, grilfriend, both
I sigh and realise that you'll never be mine even though you are a perfectly designed peice to complete my puzzle and make the perfect art of my lifes brokeness

Then you come up to me when the other is gone and up close I realise there's more about you that misses the mark of my perfect love and yet... stilll... it makes me want you more, As we exchange numbers in a casual none hookup way just in case someone sees I realise I am just another number on your list
Digits with no name just a face that adds up to the perfect sum of one who can  be easily used and abused

They know they've got me but still I fall and sink into their bed the next night
I plunge full into love slave and I drown
This is one drowning I'll suffer through again... here in my bed
With all the things slightly off still to them I am drawn
Through the imperfections is a brilliant masterpiece that sucks me in and  bends me to their willl
You're perfect for me
We fit and join easily but it can never be
Cause I know when you look at me you don't see me
I'm just prey to your preditor
Samuel Alexander

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