Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Body Modification Story

"Burn them at the stake as witches."
That was the cry back in time to deal with people who were different
Trying to keep them all the same
Not much has changed
From the times of the holocaust to treating blacks as slaves

So... I"m sorry... you don't like me because I have a tattoo on my neck?
Well I don't like your nose but you don't see me complaining.
You cant be serious though
I'm a bad person because I have a cross on my arm?
I don't respect my body because my navel is pierced?
I can't get this job because love is written across my hand?
I don't judge you because you're tall and I'm short
What was on the outside didn't make the person back then and it still doesn't now
Discrimination is as discrimination does

You don't want me here because of what's on my skin then maybe I don't need to be here
You think I"m scumb because my eyebrow is jewled
But it's my decision... you choose not to and I choose to do
It's my skin, my canvas to do with as I choose
You dont have to like it or approve
But neither should you not allow me a normal exsistance
Just because of my body modifications

The tattoos on my arms, the artwork on my chest, the studs in my navel my nipples and ears
Don't hate cause I use my body as a form of artistic expression.
A way to channel my passions
To symbolise those I cared for
Friends lost and phrases of hope for me and maybe for others
I deserve my freedom to express myself and what better way to tell part of my story than to use the canvas life has given to me, and imprint my life or my passions within my own skin

Supposed the roles were different?
I was the norm and you were the freak
You don't have your navel pierced... we cant be friends
No body art of any kind... you cant work at this establishment
No piercings no tattoos.... I"m sorry but the world we live in isn't for you
What if you were on the other end of discrimination?
You without the body modifications
And we, those with, trying to modify you to be how we say you should be

So to all you discriminators and self rightous haters
"The bible says it's a sin," and the  "you don't have respect for you body " sayers
Now that the rolls have changed
We are the rule
And you, the clean canvased, are not modified the right way
Now that i'm in your shoes I'll say what you said to me
Burn them,
Burn them at the stake as witches.


  1. I LOVE this photo of you. Sexy and vulnerable and strong - and decorated. I'll burn beside you, my brother in poetry.

    1. thanks. :) Glad you like the photo... After all my poems are transfered so shall the photos be :) And i will be honored to burn beside you... Artist of the world unite :)