Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sigh's End

I look to the heavens and pray but all I get is silence and blue skies… sigh

Birds fly by beautiful cloud formations
The smell of sea air entices my senses
Trees flow in the warm afternoon breeze
A wave of nature envelopes me with each breath
But all these garden variety notions of beauty are only devices in which the universe uses to taunt me
Just reminders of the fact that my life is out of my hands
Someone else directs my path
I can only hope mines and his agree
But somehow I must have hope, must believe
That my feet move because of me
That my fingers work because I will them too
But there are times I still rely on the divine
When I need something, want something, am lost, afraid, emotionally drained, at the end of all hope
I need to hear a voice
Send me a sign there’s still hope
Write a message on the wind and send it cross the sky
Ride on the stars of night, over the waters reflection of moonlight
Slide on the beams of the sun, rise and fall on the beating of a ravens wings
Plummet on balls of white in winter
Drop from the sky on pears of water in spring
Streak towards the earth on jagged bolts
A message twirling on a funnel of wind
With control over whether
Command of all creatures
The creator of time
The changer of seasons
You can do great things, you can do small
All I ask is just one thing, answer my call
You don’t have to say yes you don’t have to say no
Just respond, just say something, anything, hello?
I need you right now, I’m falling apart, I can’t take it no more
It's over, I'm done, finished, destroyed
Ready to loose it all
Give up my soul
Selling it for much less than its worth
But before I do this
Bring existence to end
I might not have to, you can help, you-can—you-can
Just one little favor, just one small request
Just talk to me, speak to me, answer me, save me, revive me, inspire me, excite me, enlighten me, care for me, care for me, oh-please—oh please care fore me
Show me this one time before I end this life
Just one word from you and this I won’t do
Wipe the tears from my eyes
Give me hope again, faith again, love again, strength again, be my friend please be my friend
Ahhhh be-quiet—be-quiet
The song of the birds is driving me crazy
The sound of the waves
The green of the trees' leaves blowing in the breeze
Are all just distractions the noise is to loud
Nature is too strong
I can’t hear a thing
But it doesn’t really matter
Each beautiful flower
Each ripened fruit
Each tree, each root
Not now as I wait, I wait, I cry,
My prayer was lost before it hit the air
I tried to send it to the sky but it just hovered then died
At least that's what I try to believe
Before I end my breath
As I wait for my answer to stop this disaster
I have to believe you still want me to be
Or at least that's what I'm telling myself
Though truly I don’t believe
I know it can’t be true
The one thing I asked you couldn't do
It's clear now what must be done

As I look to the heavens and pray but all I get is silence and blue skies… no more sighs

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