Monday, 20 February 2012

God's Flight

If god is a bird he flies north in the winter and south in the spring... Leaving me in eternal cold
My life sees no summers and knows no springs
Fall enters on the eve of winters wings
I am chilled by the maker that shifts the stars and realigns the seasons into positions that constantly leave me with chilled hours
My heart has been burned by frost that bites at it by day and night

I walk on feet numbed from chilled rains
I can not feel my way and therefor am doomed to stay in this frozen place
The sun taunts me with beams cracking through the clouds that I can not feel... for my face is layered with the pain and suffering that my eternal winter brings me
Its icy layer peels and falls to the ground and forms a layer of snow and ice filled with the agony of my life
I tread upon it each day and night forming streets paved with the ice of my frosted will, lined with snow banks of hope that have been turned soft

The creator has shifted the seasons to leave me in this land
Void of feelings
Shedding this skin of ice to reform a brand new lifeless being
A snakeskin of everlasting sadness

I breathe in the air and sense nothing of love, compassion, trust, hope and the like
All words I can't remember the meanings to
My memory bank has been lined with bookshelves of dark gloomy tales that send shivers up my already frozen spine
All I breath in is the suffocating chilled air of my sub-polar existence

It was god that did this...
He removed the birds from the sky
Took the spring time chirping out of my life,
No more dew to bring moisture to my soul in the springtime or sun to warm my heart in summer's light
Took the seasons of new life away to leave me here with the changing of leaves to dead things... being covered in white in preparation for new life only to skip through time-- become leaves again--fall and die.
I'd pray for spring and summer to come back again but the part of me that had faith, hope, that believed... has frozen,

If god is a bird he has flapped his wings and left me behind to freeze away and die

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