Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I'm attached, glued, pressed together, tied up and chained
Forcibly held, against my will, refrained, permanently detained
Cemented, stamped, imprinted, stuck, sealed,
To the earth, the ground, the planet, the soil, the sand,
To a place that rejects me yet won't let me go
To a land that hates me but holds me prisoner
Treats me like a disease, is infected by each breath I breathe
And I am affected by its hatred of me
I want to be free, but the world won't let me leave
It torments me with each step
Burns my insides with each breath
Does all it can to make me want to break away yet holds on to me so tight I can't escape
I'm a prisoner in my own skin
Imprinted by a life that doesn't want me
That I don't want to be in
My wrists, my hands, my ankles, bleed the blood of the person I don't want to be
Trying to escape this world that has chained me
A land that has no place for me and never shies away from telling me so... Letting me know
But I am human so here I must stay, until my time has passed away
I am chained, tied up, pressed together and glued, attached to this world by my race.

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