Monday, 27 February 2012

Cry Of the Unseen

I am what's right in front of you, that you can not see
The one standing beside you, lost in your shadow
If I got trampled on, damaged destroyed
You wouldn't even realise, take notice I was gone

You tell me things but expect no answers
Spread words of kindness but they get lost in the air
Nothing you say with a note of care reaches me
Cause in your minds eye I am nothing, just nothing

I am that tangible thing thrown aside
The one that you touch, interact with, live with, breathe with
And no mater how real or present I may seem--nothing you do is ever meant to affect me

You look down from above and see only the ground--look at me dead-on, and see what's behind...
Where I stand... I reach out... My hand... For you to hold,
But you cant ignore what you don't see so my hand is just left here floating, just floating
Not knowing that it's been neglected cause how can it be neglected when to you it was never seen

I'm the one you donate to, to show your good will
The one you say you help, the one for whom you feel
But each day we talk, and eat, together we laugh
Or you laugh and I.. What?  I guess I just pretend

You don't see that I hurt, am pulled down by your words
Your actions towards me, your lack of reaction to things I do to you
But I guess nothing has transpired, in fact I know this to be true
Cause you never see me though I can see you

I am the one that cries alone in the sunlight
The one that sees only dark in the middle of day
The one who's darkness is illuminated by one candle, slowly fading away to remind me of my solitude
I am here for you to pretend to notice, but what's my name, say my name, i know you don't know it
I'm just an empty space where a person should be
In your eyes I'm the one that ceases to be

The one you pass by in an empty hall
The one who's voice is never heard no matter how hard I call, I cry, I plea
I'm the one who's heart you claim to love
But how can you love what you don't see, what isn't there
How can you understand something you touch but never feel
Something you hold but cant identify as real
Something so solid, yet it slips through your fingers like water
A pillar so strong but you step through it as easy as a doorway

There is no way you can ever know what it is to truly see that which your soul refuses to acknowledge is even alive, human, a being of substance
Yes, yes,  I am all of these things, or maybe not cause your essence gives my presence no validity

So I am that black hole that is full of all the nothing that creates all the things that people refuse to see
I am the voice that cries so loud it gets lost on the waves of the selfish and the proud
I am the tears that flow into rivers that only I can drown in as you walk above as Christ
I am the pain of a thousand years that is caused by each time you stare and see nothing but the atmosphere
I am the soul lost in the universe of all the things you don't even know you threw away
I am the blood that stains from being trampled to death that fertilizes the soil that grows the flowers round your grave
I am the heart that beats out of synch because it's been damaged by your lack of observation--your lack of upkeep for a entity that is dying

You destroyed me simply by not knowing that I am
I'd wish you a thousand deaths but it would be futile
I'd curse you, I'd stab you, I'd murder you, murder you
But it would have no effect, you wouldn't feel a thing, how can something you don't recognize cause you any pain

So into the darkness, the shadows of night,
And burning into daytime, under harsh rays of sunlight,
Is where I shall always go, where I reside
For I am, I am, I am nothing... I am nothing,
I am the opposite of here even though I am here
For you are blind towards me
I am invisible


  1. that's a powerfully evocative and lyrical prose-poem, Samuel...It moves from a seemingly personal statement and as it expands, it spirals musically into embracing much more, many more of humanity into its it...

    1. Glad you Like it. Its my take on what it is to be invisble.

    2. Glad you Like it. Its my take on what it is to be invisble.