Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Photo By Noel Zepeda
I look out my window to see the sunset
Watch the splendor of the colors as they mold together
A symphony of vision that plays its music on my mind
Plucks on the heartstrings of serenity
Strums on the pulse of desire
Trickles through the windmills of my mind on the wind chimes of delight
Runs across the keys on notes low and high, playing chords of all kinds, on the memories of my life
All the good and bad moving together in harmony on a river where you cant tell its start from its end... each note belongs to the next... on the harps tune of experience
Then there's the moan of sadness smooth as water untouched, but with a calmness that rises on the heartbeat of hope, as the violins continue to rise with my emotional tides
Than a playful yet smooth infusion of spontaneity on the acoustic rhythms of Spanish guitar dancing across the footsteps of my soul

The percussions beat with the anticipation of the future, the anxiety of the past -- the hurt, pain and love of the present -- Running around the fields of uncertainty where the tall grass hides my paths from here to there, as the flute joins in to keep my hope floating --On the fast and twirling runs I find acceptance in the unknown as the trumpets sound to signify there's room to grow
I rise higher as the orchestra takes me on a crescendo and sore through the clouds on musical wings -- on an allegro of light and happy wind beneath my wings, I flap to the sound of joy each breath brings
Then there's a sudden cadence while the gong signifies lightening
I’m struck and fall to the ground in a long decrescendo….
Then a few bars of silence as I lay on the ground, before the violins return singing a sad tune in minor key, an Adagio that puts me at ease
Even though the chords of this tune may not be the best these violins blend well with the piano and prove there's hope yet
Then in softly comes the flutes on the winds of time once again playing the wind chimes in avenues of my mind
The percussions beet softly giving me the strength to get up and move along the rivers flowing with the melodies of the harp
The trumpets hum softly in the background and I realize, today the sky holds gray clouds I can not see the sun’s demise
And as this last movement comes to its finale, I still don’t regret my living in the west
I close my eyes and let the symphony re-arise as I look at the sunset on the music sheets of my mind

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