Sunday, 19 February 2012

Subconcious Hope

Here... I give this to you
It is so cold and alone
Lifeless, forgotten, thrown aside, used and abused
Unidentifiable, nameless, lost and rotten
It used to be... so wonderful full and free... It believes
It used to hum a song so sweet and full of the nothings that bring such joy
But now it just moans and groans in agony of what it used to be
Only a distant memory, soon to become a fantasy, its destruction slowly happening, soon to be lost from reality
It has become so delicate
So fragile
Flitting away into exile
To that place where all things go
Where it's never alone though it feels like it is so far from everything
Cut off from all that it believes it once was--though it cant remember
It can't even remember its name, or a life without pain
It's become so frozen that any movement could shatter it beyond Humpty proportions
But for now... it is still whole--though it's incomplete
Missing the most important piece, that can release what lies beneath the hardened crust that surrounds its core
What is hidden there it knows no more
But it believes it's possible that once there lived something there, that was warm,
Something full of a hope that shined brightly through the night
Still... these are only speculations,
Contemplations of a life filled with things it holds no recollections of
It doesn't even know if what it's saying is true
If only there was a way it could find proof
But it is motionless and almost to the point of death
Drained, destroyed, with almost nothing left
Ruined by so many people, and forces that treated it like a toy
A possession to be put to their purposes
Property and not its own separate entity
Its voice was taken away
Its will pounded to the ground
And now it's just a whisper of its former self
Just barely noticeable to the eye
But yet you found it, you've heard its cry
Even though it could not hear itself crying out for help
Cause the part that knew it could heal... is also something it can no longer feel
Amongst all the other things it seems to have forgotten
Yet somehow here you stand waiting for something
And though I do not know just what it is you need
Something is pulling me to you,
I don't know what it is... Oh if only I knew
But this is what I will do, because it's the only thing I can
I have nothing else
I'm finished... beyond help
So I give this to you
And with its last breath my heart asks
"Could you massage me back to life with the warmth of your hands"

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