Monday, 20 February 2012


Photo by Noel Zepeda
Sitting on a park bench just thinking about life
Wanting to write a poem but I'm not sure what to write
Hoping to be inspired, be struck with inspiration
That the universe will give me the seeds of new creation
People walk by me, some fast some slow
The sun is positioned so I write in my hands shadow
A lady walks by arm in arm with her mom
Enjoying the rare warmth of this seasons sun
All the trees and shrubs blow lightly in winters breeze
But yet my mind seems numb loosing itself with ease
The soothing sound of city traffic, the harmonies of chirping birds
And in the distance laughter and friendly chatter can be heard
The feel of the crisp clean air with every breath I take
That slightly chilled afternoon breeze calms as it hits my face
So many things going on around me as for my inspiration I wait
As birds fly overhead I wonder how much longer will it take
There are only moments left of sunshine before behind the buildings it dives
Surrounded by such activity I decide to take a break and close my eyes
It seems while waiting for clarity my sight was getting in the way
Now I see more clearly what this park bench means to me
I was looking much too hard, to far, desperation made me blind
But now that I've taken a step back, relaxed, I find my inspiration is life

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