Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sanity Is For Punks

I don't suffer from insanity, I embrace it with open arms
I give it a big squeeze of love and make sure it's all nice and warm

I'm in touch with my inner crazy
I let him run free in the corners of my mind,
Me and him are inseparable
See I could pretend I'm loosing my mind
That the voices are doing me in and I wish I could just curl up in a ball and hide
But why lie
I love me
The me I am is more than just fine
He is awesome in his imperfections and you may say I'm insane but I say you're just plain
I see life through the eyes of an artist
I live life in the head of a visionary and I see more in a grain of grass than you can comprehend in a full museum of paintings
You wish you had voices to guide you like I do
To help you find the answers to things so simple that their complexities baffle you
To hear yourself speak words of wisdom that transcend from one room to the next so that each voice is unified
Yup. That's what it's like up in this brain of mine

Okay... maybe not all the time
We don't always live in harmony, but we agree to disagree and when that doesn't work we try to beat each-other into submission... but that's okay
See sometimes we are suicidal, and sometimes happy
Sometimes confused, depressed, swimming in uncertainty
And sometimes we are full of a joy the radiates within and of itself
But still we survive, get along,
Suffer...  Ha!
You're just jealous of our success

I like my voices and I talk to myself often
I know myself very well so we get along just fine in the conversations in my mind
I may not always agree with me, but together we come together in a way that joins an us uniquely separate and beautiful from this thing you call normal

Normal, we laugh in the face of your conformity
Sane, we scoff at your un-individuality
Call me crazy, well me and my voices don't care
If not-crazy is you, than we would be boring, not fun and lame

Okay I will admit, sometimes I see things that aren't there
My own shadow has looked like a predator
And I hear things my voices can't identify
But together with our laser of ultimate destruction we destroy our enemies cause we are all powerful
By our powers combined we are super, awesome, fun!
And you are just fragrance o'lame with a sprinkle of unimaginative fairy dust that just makes you sneeze instead of fly

So me... suffering... I think not
Me and my voices are doing just fine
No.  Better than fine...
Wait... I'm hearing something
They say we are Batman, and Superman, and Spiderman and Thor, and Ninja Assassin combined
See this is why I love these guys, they always come up with the greatest ideas
So I'm going to hug them all and treat them with love
And while you sit over there in reality I'm going to have some fun
But for now, I Gotta run,
It's time to play grand death auto with the Gnomes.


  1. Samuel, you have totally rocked this topic - I am intimidated now = I'm gonna have to slam the caffeine to jumpstart my courage!

    1. LMAO.... i've been cruising your blog... I think you've got this one in the bag... And oh yeah caffeine gives me superhuman powers. So drink on :)

  2. Love it. Just wrote "Sanity Is For Punks" on a piece of paper that I've taped to my laptop screen.

    1. Kools.... Feel free to direct all inquires to my blog.... No reason not to share the love lol