Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Sometimes I feel like I hear things through someone else's ears
It's as though I'm not real
Things are happening but nothing I feel
I'm having an out of body experience yet I havent left my skin
All the emotions that rush through me fall down upon my being like a waterfall of destruction than cascades down the rocks of devastation and send of a  mist of uncertainty that creates more of this being that doesn't quite feel like me
I'm moving in slow-mo and have lost the remote and this depression I'm in seems to be on repeat
Will I ever move in time
Will the play button  ever be pushed or will I accidentally hit the pause button, o n the remote I cant find and be forever trapped in this postion
If I were a movie I wouldn't watch myself
I'd hit power, eject, and walk away
But even though I feel this way I know the reality is that I am me
Same as the day before, tomorrow, today and until my dying day
Sometimes I feel like I hear things through someone else's ears
But I know I'm hearing through mine


  1. I SO like this one. I have always believed that when you speak through your words what others feel with their hearts, I think that's when you are truly and artist.

    1. Thanks... I find that that is what writing is to me.... I like it more when people tell me how poems resonate with them then how they relate to me. Hmmm blog post... I'm on it now :)