Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rain- The Sound

Drip drop,drip drop
The rain from my heart is drowning my soul

Usually the sound of water keeps me calm
The flowing sound of a gentle brook
The crashing noise of waves amongst the reefs
The sound of the ocean of in the distance... pulling me in, to sandy beaches
The wispy sound of fast rain on the ground
The soothing patter against my roof
The splatter as I splash in a random puddle
Even the look of raindrops on a leaf fills my head with found memories of...... pain

The sound of this rain isn't the same
It plumets upon the walls of my skin
It pounds against my window leaving me looking out in dispare

Knowing the rain is falling too hard for me to escape
To let myself go, be free from these crashing waves of distress and depressing rivers that flow hurriedly on the sound of dangerously connecting rapids
The canoe of my inner being runs adrift and starts to waver in the random sidewalk puddles and speeding cars make a swooshing sound as they drench my aura in the large puddles they drive in
My pockets of pain fill up with the hail that pounds agains my hopes and dreams with loud pats of stinging noises
The rain howls and cries in harmony with the wind that blows all my faith from within my grasp
Oh how I long for the days, way back when the sound of rain drops falling from heaven did not bring such devastation, depression
When I knew the sound meant the drink of new life but now it only signifies the sound, the music, the symphony of the flooding tsunami of what used to be me
An aura that looks like a land destroyed by an evil menace falling from the sky
My rain has become hail, then ice, a snowstorm of life
The sound of rain used to fill me with delight -- the light -- but now I'm uniluminated and the joy has dissipated and gone away in this rainstorm of pain
I guess I'll have to rely on long lost memories
So long forgotten they're almost a dream
A fantasy
I cant hold on
Try to grasp them
To late
They're gone
But the sound of rain lives on
Drip drop, drip drop
The rain from my heart is drowning my soul

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