Sunday, 6 May 2012

Finding Me

I used to think nothing much of myself
Well I still do but one thing has changed
As a performer, man I thought I sucked major ass
Got on the stage with no class 
Just a dumb ass who thinks he can rhyme
Thinks he can form lines but they always fall short of the mark

Like a pizza without sauce I believed I was cheesy bread in the guise of pizza
Not completely useless but still not quite what I should be
And no matter how much I was told the contrary it didn't matter cause to me... I was just second-rate
There was no need to debate the way I stutter... It's there on tape
How I fumble through big words and small words of my own choosing 
And can never sing anything quite on key
I was fucking awful and never could never get it write
Talked myself down to the ground
Thought my shit was whack and could only see disaster as I looked back on each performance

Confidence... What is that
Charisma... Um... nope didn't have it
Flow... If u mean waterfall... Yeah I fell quite often
A point, a direction, good intentions and ideas that spoke to the masses... Now that at least was there
But if I didn't believe in it then honestly it wasn't there
Didn't exist 
In this war between me and me I was on the side of defeat

But then I realized Me plus Me equals I, and I was the only one defeating Me, so it was all My fault that I wasn't the Me I wanted to be

So we decided, together, to look inside and try to find the problem
Why couldn't I be confident
Why couldn't I speak with the strength of my words
Why couldn't I be an author of gargantuan proportions
Enough is enough and now is the time to get it right
And as I said that the answer came

I am already all these things I just refuse to see it
But like I said things have changed 
Now I realize I got this shit
So um just gonna spit this shit 
Cause ya'll just hatn' cause you ain't got this shit like I got this shit
But this is my shit so you'll have to go find ur own shit

So today I bitchslapped my inner poet into submission told him get his fucking ass in gear and stop being such an asscunt
And now here I stand before you

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  1. Best part....end of the last full stanza before the final 2 lines.