Sunday, 6 May 2012

Connection to Beauty

Beauty within itself
It calls to me, sings to me
Beckons me to look upon its face, gaze and be amazed
Be inspired by the plethora of colors it creates
How the waves smoothly crash against the shore taking me to that place
I escape for just a moment as I look out to sea
I feel so small in the vast wonder of things and am comfortable that I'm just a small piece of the giant puzzle of creation
I feel the last of the sun on my face and the sea breeze moves in me
The ocean is powerful
As strong as the wind and destructive as a hurricane yet it invokes a calm over me
I close my eyes and listen to the music it creates
My soul rocks to the beat, the melodies of the splash and the swish
The crash amongst the post of the pier
I get lost in the emotion and realize that I must capture the moment
This space, this frame, this bar in the symphony of my life can not be lost
It must be forever etched in time and its splendor made available to those who come after the end of my life
I take a picture and find solace in knowing that all the feelings I felt are permanently saved
I will always be able to look upon the photo and remember the peace I feel
It's the best time of the day
Just at the end before the beginning of night
When colors start to ink across the sky in preparation of the night
Soon the waves will hold the reflection of the moon that shall replace the sun
Yes I have captured perfection or so it seems
Soon after a storm will come and the beauty of nature will become the power of it's destruction
And that too shall be remembered when in the future upon this picture I glance
My serenity is now a memory coupled with disaster
It came at the wake of a storm.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Samuel I love the open feel of this and not easy to do when so many poets have done it said and wrote it but you did it perfectly and so much better in my opinion. I felt the open floating feel of this. Perfect!