Thursday, 3 May 2012


She opens the chasms of my mind as she dives into the oceans of my soul -- parting the seas to allow the waves of inspiration to flood back in so she can swim along the linguistic rivers of desire -- reaching exotic memories of poetry that live inside the words that escape her mouth as she wraps it around my phrases, and rolls her tongue around my lines as music is created from the sounds and vibrations of the orgasm that together our speech makes as we hum,


Around the noises of communication she plants the seeds of new creation, on the walls of my mind that sends pulsations burning through me with each letter
Then the next
Forming words that explode into full sentences and brings my lyrical passion to a throbbing rise as her tongue teases the tip of my phrases and then creates her own lines -- circling around my thoughts -- making my mind speak in the sound of her rhymes
The hard O's
The rolling L's
The sudden dips in between the lines as she takes me inside her mind and I see through her eyes how my rhymes inspire the hardcore g's of give -- and the soft enticing g of gentle-flowing-stanzas, of wordgasmic pleasure as she accepts my throbbing insertion of artistic pleasure into her literary womb and turns my art... into a work of art
To go forth and leave its imprints on a world built on inked memories of multi-wordgasmic syncopated rhythms that move with the explosive rhymes that beat together in perfect yet , unpredictable, spontaneous timing as they bring about a spasming climax on smooth, voluptuous worded thighs that wrap around, and hold tight to my literary mind

Information overload
     Together we explode
             yes...Yes... YES

Then art leaves the page as I write and I see the creation that inspires me by being inspired by the words of my own creation
New words must be formed...made...thought of
The type that only exist in dreams but can never be reality
Yet... she is real
Her mind has touched mine
We connect and feel across the boundaries of space and time
No physical action required because our mental stimulation is wordgasmic...wordfantastic... wordamazing, wordanimalistic, wordcore,wordanalytical, wordinspirational, god damn! wordexplosive and she knows it!
So though this person is beyond this word that can only live in my dreams
There is still one thing that I can say about her as I come to the end... and we get ready to do it again
Before we go back down the wordgasmic ride of the chasms of my mind -- there is only one way to explain how wordamazing and mind-fucktastic this woman is


Samuel Alexander
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