Monday, 10 April 2017

When Enough Is Not Enough

Have you ever felt you’ve given so much more than you had
The very air you breathe,
Down to your last breath

Sacrificed too many pieces of your heart
Sold too many parts of your soul
Felt like your physical strength was depleted
Gave up too much of your psychological well being

Convinced yourself that it was worth it all
It would pay off in the end, the benefits would come
Just to find yourself alone with nothing but a dream
The hope long gone that it would come to be

Apparently they were the kind that pipes are made of and you must now watch them flow away into the dark
Into the space you thought you’d fill up with the dream that you once passionately believed
Before life crushed you, trampled on you, destroyed you
Removed the joy from your world
Made you question if your past life karma had come back with a vengeance
If failure and depression are the only things for which you are destined

You tried
You gave
You sweated
You teared
Had faith
Gave up so much through the years
Only to end up where you started
Your passion crushed, faith in humanity discarded

So much time you can't get back
So much wasted love and energy all gone

Never to return

Unless you start all over again
But what if you have enough bad karma to follow you from here to there

You played by the rules, chased, and fought and everyone said, keep on going
Then you hit a space where words were not enough, to keep the fire burning

Maybe you should just stop the music, silence the song, be done with it all, move on

How could it be that more than enough, is not enough, and now you have no more to give
What happens when life wins

Have you ever felt like before you started the battle was already lost

Then you consider, maybe it would be better, if you simply were no more

©Samuel Alexander April 2017

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